24 Jun 2010

Cookie the Barry M Bunny

Did anyone spot the Barry M Bunny in our TV advert?! She was in the first shot and at the end hopping around in amongst the girl's mess! Take a look and see if you can spot her: www.barrym.com/fun/tv-commercial

You may be asking yourself why a make-up company keeps banging on about rabbits?!?! Basically becuase we love them, and not just rabbits, all animals. Barry M have NEVER and will never test on animals. Not only that but we will only buy ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals. 

So us crazy kids in marketing took this picture at our last photo shoot just to prove that our glamorous models wear our make-up and Cookie just gets a nice hug! (Click on the image to enlarge it)


Cookie is a family pet, you can watch what she gets up to all day on our website: www.barrym.com/bunnycam/