29 Oct 2009

Dazzle Dust Swatch

As we all know, it can be a bit tricky to tell what exact result you will get from our dazzle dusts without actually seeing them on. So the girls at HQ thought we would do a regular feature where we swatch requested shades. This week on Facebook and Twitter these were the ones you wanted to see, so...

Mushroom is a lovely shimmery colour that could be suitable day or night - I have still got it on now and will be wearing it on my date tonight - woohoo!

Block Blue is very matt but such a vibrant colour, it really stands out but doesn't look tacky! I would probably only wear it on a night out or to a party though.

Petrol Black - the picture speaks for itself! So good we had to show it on Emily's eye open and closed. It is a sort of black colour with glittery bits of turquoise, it is everyone here's favourite!

Neon Pink was tried on by Marlene, again it is quite matt but not completely and VERY vibrant  - the pic doesn't do it justice. This looks great on darker skin tones but how can you go wrong with pink?!

Silvery Black is great for a smoky eye look and worn all over like Emily has, it has got a great shimmer but not too much. And looks great on just about every skin tone, what more could you want?!

Hope you liked this, write in the comments what Dazzle Dusts you want us to swatch next.

22 Oct 2009

We worked all weekend...

Apologies for such a gap between blog posts but we have been a bit dazed and exhausted in the office due to working all weekend! Me, Emily and Joanna worked at Salon International at the Excel, here is a pic of us setting up our stand - it looked great! Sorry the pic is a bit blurry - it was ridiculously early on a Saturday morning!!

The stand was packed, we literally didnt have time to have a break! But it was great to meet lots of customers and see what they were buying and hear really great comments about how much they love Barry M. And Barry himself was there but I;m not sure if people realised it was him!

Not sure if you are all thinking about Halloween yet but MakeupAdikt has created a tutorial on YouTube for a Twilight Vampire or Witch look that you could easily recreate: http://www.youtube.com/ilovebarrym

Anyway got to get back to my painting my nails - the chemist has just come up with her first ideas for our new Spring colours!! Amazing!!

15 Oct 2009

Blog on M Club

For those of you who are wondering what in the world M Club is - it is a social networking site we have created for all you beauty lovers out there! Go check it out: http://www.barrym.com/m-club/
For those of you familiar with M Club, you will be pleased to hear that the blogging functionality is now working!! Woohoo!! So not only can you upload and share pictures and videos with thousands of fellow beauty lovers but you can also post blogs and comment on other peoples!

Could it get any better I hear you ask?? YES it can! You can post blogs on M Club and they will automatically publish on your Blogger account. When you set it up, it will even pull across all of your old posts! So you only need to post one blog and it will appear in both places, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

14 Oct 2009


Fancy a bargain?! This is just a quick post to say that I have decided to offer 20% off any website orders today: http://www.barrym.com/. Simply enter code KIND20 at the checkout.

Have fun shopping!

9 Oct 2009

Finally - the metallic liquid eyeliner swatches

Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for these?? Probably not but I have done them anyway!

These are absolutely amazing, and perfectly timed for the party season! They are really easy to apply thick or thin and look good on their own or over an eye shadow.

I am wearing the pink on its own in the picture but the other night I did a smokey eye with the metallic black eyeliner which just gave it a bit of a brighter, dressier look. My friend wore the blue over Dazzle Dust 92 which is Aqua Gold, a look which came from our TV ad. It looked really unusual and she got loads of nice comments!

Personally my fave is silver, just because I have a fringe, so it really stands out against my dark hair. What are your first impressions?!

Its Friday again - wooohooo!!! From all the girls in the office - have a good weekend!! x

7 Oct 2009

Intro to Marlene

Hey Barry M lovers

I'm Marlene, I've been working for Barry M for 5 fabulous years.

I've worked within the beauty industry for most of my working life. Since joining the company the brand has grown and gone from strength to strength and I have the privilege of working with a great team!

Through innovation and constant evolution, Barry M is fast becoming the brand to be seen in, we constantly strive for new discoveries whether that be products or staff. I feel that the bright vibrant colours that we produce are a way of expressing yourself and embracing the ever-changing trends, also the great thing about the range is that it's great on all skin tones.

I'm always so excited when we launch new products, I get to wear them on a night out and love the response I get. It's so much fun being able to try products on at work for a living and keeping up to date with what the celebs are up to.

Keep visiting our blog for updates, hot tips and more!!
Ciao bellas!
Mar :o) xxx

2 Oct 2009

Winners - check if you are one of them

We said we would randomly choose 20 followers who subcribed to our blog and give them one of our new products free so I printed out the names of all of our 162 followers this morning, cut them up and pulled out 20 names, these are them:
  • angielynne23
  • aphroditeshei
  • beautifulwithbrains
  • BeautyNewbie86
  • charlotte
  • Chrystal
  • Dannie Cleo
  • GinaG
  • Girl With The Golden Touch
  • Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle
  • holliee_xo
  • HypnoticLullaby
  • iheartmakeups
  • JuliusUK
  • LaaLaa
  • Laureny0613
  • Lipglossiping
  • Meka Johnson
  • Sprinkles Sparkles
  • xjenniex2003
If you are a lucky winner then please email me your postal address to beautysos@barrym.com and let me know whether you want a metallic eyeliner or a matt super soft eye crayon and in which colour.

Thanks to everyone who is following us! We are loving doing this blog!