22 Oct 2009

We worked all weekend...

Apologies for such a gap between blog posts but we have been a bit dazed and exhausted in the office due to working all weekend! Me, Emily and Joanna worked at Salon International at the Excel, here is a pic of us setting up our stand - it looked great! Sorry the pic is a bit blurry - it was ridiculously early on a Saturday morning!!

The stand was packed, we literally didnt have time to have a break! But it was great to meet lots of customers and see what they were buying and hear really great comments about how much they love Barry M. And Barry himself was there but I;m not sure if people realised it was him!

Not sure if you are all thinking about Halloween yet but MakeupAdikt has created a tutorial on YouTube for a Twilight Vampire or Witch look that you could easily recreate: http://www.youtube.com/ilovebarrym

Anyway got to get back to my painting my nails - the chemist has just come up with her first ideas for our new Spring colours!! Amazing!!


  1. Ooh the stall looks amazing, New colours?? i want to seee :D

  2. hey,i love barry m,its amaizing stuff and the colours are fabulous!
    also i think you should post a photo of barry himself on your blog so we can all see the famous man;)

  3. What a great stand!! Please let me know what trade shows you'll be attending in the future!

  4. Seen as its true love with me and Barry M Nail Paints....Can't wait for the spring colours!


  5. i loved salon international, i went with school : D.