9 Oct 2009

Finally - the metallic liquid eyeliner swatches

Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for these?? Probably not but I have done them anyway!

These are absolutely amazing, and perfectly timed for the party season! They are really easy to apply thick or thin and look good on their own or over an eye shadow.

I am wearing the pink on its own in the picture but the other night I did a smokey eye with the metallic black eyeliner which just gave it a bit of a brighter, dressier look. My friend wore the blue over Dazzle Dust 92 which is Aqua Gold, a look which came from our TV ad. It looked really unusual and she got loads of nice comments!

Personally my fave is silver, just because I have a fringe, so it really stands out against my dark hair. What are your first impressions?!

Its Friday again - wooohooo!!! From all the girls in the office - have a good weekend!! x


  1. Ooooo.. fancy!!!! Think I'll give the black one a try.. jazz up the smokey eye look.


  2. I'm planning to experiment with the silver one this weekend. I've tried it once and it's very shiny! :D

  3. Love the look of these- I'd pair the black & silver in a twist on the classic winged liner. Add a red lip and you're party ready! Come to think of it, gold and black would look stunning too!

  4. Im going to buy them all xoxo

  5. I received my freebie today from the blog following and cannot wait to try this eyeliner!! Thanks again...

  6. Ooh, that silver one is gorgeous!