7 Oct 2009

Intro to Marlene

Hey Barry M lovers

I'm Marlene, I've been working for Barry M for 5 fabulous years.

I've worked within the beauty industry for most of my working life. Since joining the company the brand has grown and gone from strength to strength and I have the privilege of working with a great team!

Through innovation and constant evolution, Barry M is fast becoming the brand to be seen in, we constantly strive for new discoveries whether that be products or staff. I feel that the bright vibrant colours that we produce are a way of expressing yourself and embracing the ever-changing trends, also the great thing about the range is that it's great on all skin tones.

I'm always so excited when we launch new products, I get to wear them on a night out and love the response I get. It's so much fun being able to try products on at work for a living and keeping up to date with what the celebs are up to.

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Ciao bellas!
Mar :o) xxx


  1. Hey Marlene, nice to meet you hunny :)


  2. Hey Marlene!!

    the more i read of the "work" you guys do, the more i think i am in the wrong job lol

  3. Hi Marlene, nice to meet you :) You're job sounds like heaven!!

  4. hey marlene

    i was just wonderin how you got ur job? i couldnt find any career info on the barry m website?


  5. Hi Marlene,

    Nice to meet by this blog, coz I only talk to you by phone!
    Thanx for the job that you do in Barry.M.
    You were really helpfull...

    Liloo (Leïla from France)

  6. Hi Marlene,

    just wanted to say hi and let you know how much i love barry m cosmetics

    carolanne aka foxycleox