30 Sept 2009

Intro to Barry's daughter...

Hi guys, my name is Joanna and I am the daughter of Barry M!

I have been surrounded by make-up since I was 8 when my dad started the company, so you probably think WOW I must have so much make-up but honestly I don't. I must admit though, I can't leave my home without my Natural Dazzle Bronzer and our Lip Liner 6 which I absolutely love.

I remember when I was much younger working in the warehouse filling all the Dazzle Dusts by hand and playing with all the different Nail Paints. I used to have so much fun and all my friends were so jealous because they all loved Barry M make-up - and still do!

Every day working at Barry M is crazy but fun. I love reading all of the comments in the feedback box on our website, I love knowing our fans are as passionate as I am about Barry M make-up! Would love to hear any feedback you have got and what your favourite products are?!

Take care. Bye Bye xxx

29 Sept 2009

Barry M goes to London Fashion Week!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a nice weekend?
Well, I had a little adventure to London Fashion Weekend to check out the Spring/Summer 10 trends and to see what colours would be big for next year to see what is a must have shade for our range. Did anyone else go along?

I got a little distracted from my task by the most beautiful pair of Emma Cook shoes which I have to share with you all. I've never been a big believer of love at first sight, but if such a thing exists then this was most definately it! I can't wait to wear them at the weekend for my night out with the girls with my favourite Barry M Nail paint at the mo - Pink Flamingo.

So, what did you get up to at the weekend? Hope you had a good one!


25 Sept 2009

Swatch time...

This is a swatch of the new matt crayons, they are much more vibrant in real life than in this picture. Sorry about our camera skills - it is a Friday after all! Woohoo its Friday!!

Any way, back to the crayons, they are so soft and silky on your skin, not like those scratchy pencils you can get that almost rip your eyelids off! And they are such strong colours so don't need to be layered on and on. I have done them quite thick but they can be used as a thin liner or can be put on thicker and smudged for a smokey look. Fab, fab, FAB!!!

At £3.95 I'll have blue, purple and pink please! Hope you like....?

My friends and I are going to be trying out the metallic eyeliners over the weekend so Ill have pics on Monday for those!


24 Sept 2009

New Product Alert - Matt and Metallic shades!

Hey everyone!

Hope your all good and looking forward to the weekend? I know I am because.....we have just had some new products in and I can't wait to try them out on my Friday night out with the Barry M girls!

Ok, first we have Supersoft Eye Crayons in new matt shades. Solid 'block' eye colour in bright and bold tones have been really popular this Autumn and i've heard they are around to stay this Winter. If your feeling daring try using these all over the eyelid or simply use to line the eyes for a subtle pop of colour! They come in blue, turquoise, purple, pink and green and for £3.95 they are a bargain for updating your winter wardrobe!

Next are our Metallic Liquid Eyeliners. One word. Wow! They are seriously sleek and sexy. Use these for a gorgeous, smoldering eye with a slick of molten colour. With all the cute sequin dresses out at the moment, these are the ESSENTIAL accessory at only £4.50. I have my eye on the black for that vampy gothic look, and I have already pinched the pink which gives a really delicate and pretty finish - think tinkerbell if she was going on a hot date! We have 6 colours including gold, silver, black, green, pink and blue. Which one do you like the look of? Loving or hating the chrome trend?

Anyway, thats all for now - was so excited I just had to let you guys know! We will do swatches for you tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!

Emily xxx

22 Sept 2009

Hey everyone, Emily here!

I look after Brand Development here at Barry M which basically means creating new products and keeping an eye on the latest trends to ensure that only the best products make it into our range. I started here 3 years ago working in the marketing but gradually started getting more and more involved with the actual products. Playing with make up and celeb watching for the latest trend all day is a girly's girls dream but let me tell you as fun as my job is, there are a few hazzards that I incur. Obviously all products that make it on to our shelves in store have been thouroughly tested but what about all the products that don't make the cut? Yes, you guessed - I try these too. Whether it be a lipstick that stains your lips blue (so strangers ask if you feel ok and not about to keel over with a heartattack) or an eyeshadow that gives you the height of conjunctivitus chic, i've tried it all. And don't get me started on glitter - it gets everywhere!I think I have consumed about 5kg of the stuff in the quest to create new lipglosses. My insides probably resemble a disco ball.

So, watch this space for my new product updates whether it be testing our latest lash loving item on a night out on the town or nailing the latest polish in the office you will see it here first.


18 Sept 2009

So I am Lauren, I work in marketing at Barry M. This is a bit of an intro to me...

I love colour, especially in clothes – I try not to wear a lot of black! Oh no, I sound like Ugly Betty but I’m not that bad honest, the colours do go with each other! I think :-)

But when it comes to make-up I am just not very confident (or good) at wearing colours. Until I worked here I had one faithful silver eye shadow that I wore every week and now my make-up bag is bursting at the seams!

So now I am addicted to trying new products, and don’t I have the perfect job to do that?! So for all of you that are new to make-up or experimenting with it – look out for my blog. We can learn together!

Got lots of new products coming out in a few days! Literally cannot wait to talk about them!

Going out partying with some friends tonight, soo excited as I haven't seen these girls in ages! I bought one of those body con dresses last weekend and really want to wear it – just wish I hadn’t eaten so much pizza at lunch!!

Hope you have a good one!

15 Sept 2009

Starting the infamous blog

So here at Barry M HQ in North London we have been talking about doing a staff blog for a while now - and finally here it is!!

There are quite a few of us who want to post blogs, we all have different styles and passions and all want to fill you in on what we get up to and are interested in - we hope you want to hear about it! And obviously we want to tell you all abut the important things happening at Barry M!! ;-) You never know - we might even get Barry himself on here!

Hope you like it - watch this space! Oh and follow us - pleeease!!! Then we will have permission to blog all day!