22 Sep 2009

Hey everyone, Emily here!

I look after Brand Development here at Barry M which basically means creating new products and keeping an eye on the latest trends to ensure that only the best products make it into our range. I started here 3 years ago working in the marketing but gradually started getting more and more involved with the actual products. Playing with make up and celeb watching for the latest trend all day is a girly's girls dream but let me tell you as fun as my job is, there are a few hazzards that I incur. Obviously all products that make it on to our shelves in store have been thouroughly tested but what about all the products that don't make the cut? Yes, you guessed - I try these too. Whether it be a lipstick that stains your lips blue (so strangers ask if you feel ok and not about to keel over with a heartattack) or an eyeshadow that gives you the height of conjunctivitus chic, i've tried it all. And don't get me started on glitter - it gets everywhere!I think I have consumed about 5kg of the stuff in the quest to create new lipglosses. My insides probably resemble a disco ball.

So, watch this space for my new product updates whether it be testing our latest lash loving item on a night out on the town or nailing the latest polish in the office you will see it here first.



  1. Very jealous of your job, Emily!

  2. me too, wish i had a job like you!

  3. Love that you've entered the blogosphere Em! Love it. Will be reading religiously. Your bff x x x

  4. Hi Emily - just wondered how you went about working for Barry M? I've spent the summer interning at a Beauty PR company, am looking for my next opportunity and would love to know how you got into Brand Development for a cosmetics company?


    Helen xxx