25 Sep 2009

Swatch time...

This is a swatch of the new matt crayons, they are much more vibrant in real life than in this picture. Sorry about our camera skills - it is a Friday after all! Woohoo its Friday!!

Any way, back to the crayons, they are so soft and silky on your skin, not like those scratchy pencils you can get that almost rip your eyelids off! And they are such strong colours so don't need to be layered on and on. I have done them quite thick but they can be used as a thin liner or can be put on thicker and smudged for a smokey look. Fab, fab, FAB!!!

At £3.95 I'll have blue, purple and pink please! Hope you like....?

My friends and I are going to be trying out the metallic eyeliners over the weekend so Ill have pics on Monday for those!



  1. can you do swatches of the new blushes too please

  2. I love that green!
    I'd also like to see swatches of the metallic eyeliners. Also some looks too!

  3. One word.. fabulous!
    I cant wait to try them xoxox

  4. These look great! Are they vegan???

  5. they're fab!:D
    can't wait for the next order!
    please swatch the metallic eyeliners too.

  6. Oh these look like just what I'm after! Are these out now? I got my first barry m liner in the goodie bag at the pr event and I've never looked back! x

  7. Aww, I thought that would be too good to be true! ;P

  8. I love them, will have to budget the pennies and see what I can get.

    They'll be great to use as base's and make glitters pop more.


  9. It would be fab if you could do a matt white crayon

  10. I already LOVE the black and shimmer crayons, Cant wait to get my hands on some of these!

    Bazza does it again!

  11. Ooh, I really like the look of the pink and the one on the far left! Great stuff!

    More lovely swatches please! *whip crack*