10 Nov 2009

Christmas is coming

Can you believe Christmas is only 6 and a half weeks away!!! My sister moved to Canada this year so I need to be really organised and have her pressies posted in about a week to make sure they get there on time! Got to admit I do like Christmas shopping (who doesn't love shopping??) so I don't mind having a legitimate excuse to start early, I just need to focus on buying stuff for other people and not myself!

My lovely friends have already started dropping hints about wanting Barry M make-up as their presents which is great because I love going down to the warehouse, with it's rows and rows of colourful, glittery products, it is like being in the best, girliest sweet shop ever! The guys who work down there do not appreciate how lucky they are!!

So what will I get them?? Well some of them read this blog so I can't give too much away, but, hypothetically speaking, if I was a great friend I would get them our Get the Look gift sets. Firstly because it is such a good deal to get 3 products for £9.95, secondly because it looks fab in a great gift box and thirdly because it comes with instructions on how to apply the make-up which might stop them asking me for a while!

There is a pink set (incl 3 Dazzle Dusts and an eyeshadow brush) and a green set (incl 2 Dazzle Dusts and a Glitter Liquid Eyeliner). Both contain limited edition colours which we will never sell separately so get yours quickly (last year's sold before Christmas)! Click here to see them on our website.

Now I just need to decide what to get my house mate James?! Boys are so much more difficult and he hasn't quite caught onto the guyliner trend yet!


  1. Perhaps you should get your house mate the pink Barry M t-shirt?! :D

  2. I think I might just get myself one of those!

  3. Yay for Canada! (I'm in Toronto). Wish we had Barry M here!! Love your products.

  4. im going to get petrol black today too good to miss love it xx