25 Mar 2010

Imperfection Correction

Here at Barry M HQ we are all very excited, this is something we have been working on for ages, something that has been missing from our make-up bags...and now it is finally here...THE CONCEALER!

Cleverly named (if I do say so myself) our Imperfection Correction concealer pen is perfect for everything! I now have one product to cover my spots AND hide my bags! It conceals and illuminates, and all in one easy to use brush pen.

It comes in 3 shades:

  1. Ivory for yellowy, pale skin tones
  2. Almond for brown, more olive skin
  3. Peach for pink/rosey coloured skin.
And there is some science: "the anti-ageing properties include a UV filter to protect against UV rays and extract of White Tea which acts as an anti-oxidant."

You can get yours now on our website for £5.95 but they will be in Superdrug mid-April. What are you waiting for?!


  1. Ooh cant wait to try this out :D

  2. Ohh I'm looking forward to getting one of these! I wish your website accepted PayPal though x

  3. Looking forward to trying that out!

  4. Great! Can't wait to try these! =D

  5. Can't wait to get this and try it! X

  6. I'm very excited about this! :) I wish your website accepted Paypal too.

  7. Arrghhh why. I just bought some new concealer today! (When this runs out, I'll check the Barry M one - real glad you're finally branching out into the essentials! <3)

  8. Ooohh this looks cool, will have to give it a whirl and do a little review on my blog! Thanks Barry M xxxx

  9. Im with the others, I wish you'd accept Paypal too :)
    I wonder if its best to choose the peach one #3 even though Im yellow based, I figure the pink/peach should counteract the blue of my dark circles?