5 Oct 2010

Get the X Factor with Cher Lloyd's look

The X Factor finalists have only recently been selected, but there are already countless articles and YouTube videos on how to recreate the girls’ make-up looks. First up, hip hop princess, Cher Lloyd - there’s no mistaking the 16-year-old singer’s distinctive look. And while we may not all want to rush out and purchase a pair of baggy ghetto pants or sky-high boots, there are tons of make up junkies who’d happily sport Cher’s heavy smokey eyes and dramatic black brows.

Here’s how to do it: get hold of a black or dark brown kohl eyeliner and fill in the brows, accentuating the arches by building up colour gradually. Or soft kohl pencil in black is a mere snip at just £2.95. If you’re blessed with thicker, more defined brows, use a thin shadow brush and a dark eyeshadow shade to gently fill them in.

Create Cher’s stunning smokey eyes by blending a dark eyeliner under the waterline and in the inner corners of the eyes our Super Soft Eyes Crayons are great for creating a smudgy, smoky effect. If you prefer to use a liquid eyeliner, our black will do the trick.

For the eyeshadow, blend a dark shade like Dazzle Dust in Petrol Black on the lid. For a much more wearable daytime look, you can tone it down with Charcoal or even a navy blue shade.

On the cheeks, Cher’s rosy glow is down to a well chosen blush like our Pink Orchid, at £4.50. Finally - the lips! Never mind those who say dramatic eyes should be worn with neutral lips - and vice versa. Cher is usually seen wearing a coral/pink, perfectly suited to her pale skin tone which you can get with our Peachy Pink Lip Paint. And you’re done!

Stay tuned for some more X-Factor-inspired make-up looks!

This was written by Lauren Holden


  1. i love cher's look ! shes amazing! and haters really need to go get a life ,,@chloee_davies_x <3<3

  2. she looks like a rat

  3. Cher Lloyds look rocks!

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