14 Dec 2009

For those with iPhones...

I don't think we have mentioned this before but we are starting to get some press around our iPhone App and I didnt want you all to feel left out!

I do have an iPhone, and as you all know, I'm not that experienced at applying make-up but want to learn to be better so I use this App all the time. It has loads of 60 second video tutorials on how to create a certain look on your eyes. There are loads of styles on there, all categorised by the type of look, eg celebrity, clubbing, bollywood etc.

Some of the looks are crazy and fun to play around with but I like some of the more day-to-day looks. Some of them are even filmed being done on my eye which is weird when I watch the make-up being put on my own eye in the video and there I am trying to recreate it!! 

We have also just added nail art lookz, which give you ideas for some fun designs that are easy to recreate on your nails. There are some fab festive ones worth checking out!

We have got a few of the looks on our website so you can get a taster but we add about 4 a month to our App. http://www.barrym.com/lookz/iphone-app/

Oh and Lookz is a FREE app so get on the App Store now!

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  1. This is SO cool! Wanting an iPhone even more now! :-3