11 Jan 2010

New product alert

Happy New Year everyone, 2009 seems forever ago already!

So, here is the first new product of the year and I can't get across how excited I am to tell you about these!

These are our new Lip Lacquer Crayons. Literally a jumbo sized crayon to apply directly to your lips. They are so fun and glide on so smoothly. The colour is so intense and glossy - hence the name lacquer.

I have done a swatch on my arm so you can see what the colours are like. Honestly amazing for nights out, esp because they are so easy to reapply. Although I wear Ballet Pink in the day - the advantages of my job is I have been testing them and finding my favourite shades for a while now!

The colours are:
1 - Scarlett Red
2 - Cherry Red
3 - Mandarin
4 - Party Pink
5 - Ballet Pink

So go get yours on barrym.com now! They will be available in Superdrug stores on the 27th January.


  1. These look sooo cool! So creamy and lovely :) I definitely plan to try Ballet Pink!

  2. :o The pigmentation of these look amazing!

  3. Wow they look awesome!! Can't wait to try them out :):) x

  4. Oooh wow, I'm going to check these out. Rather liking the Mandarin colour atm.

  5. They all seem a bit too dark for me (with the exception of ballet pink!), but I wouldnt mind trying scarlet red and sheering it out a bit, that could look really pretty! I'd love to see a bigger selection of colours in the future :)

  6. Wow im loving Ballet Pink :) x

  7. Those look lovely! Will have to check those out.

  8. wow, those look great! i'm totally lusting after the first two now. i love reds!

  9. I went for Party Pink and Cherry Red, unfortunately I couldn't try the scarlett red out as there was was no tester available in etither of the superdrugs I went to.

  10. I really really wish you did these in a matt/non-shimmery finish! They'd be so much more sophisticated.